ELVETE – Employer-Led Vocational Education and Training in Europe


ELVETE – Employer-Led Vocational Education and Training in Europe

Target groups

Direct target group: professionals working for training providers, schools, and enterprises; policy makers.
Final target group: young and students aged between 14 and 19.


ELVETE aims at improving Vocational Education and Training by focusing training more on the skills
which employers need from students who are graduating from the 14-19 group through the
analysis of existing good practices. The broad partnership cooperate to develop a model of VET
curriculum for 14-19 year old students which stresses the leading role of companies in the design
phase and ultimately foster young people’s employability.


ELVETE is a network of 12 partners coming from 10 countries (United Kingdom, Italy, Spain,
Portugal, Austria, Iceland, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania). The lead partner is the University
of Wolverhampton, UK, other partners are:

  • Fòrema (Italia) - Training Agency;

  • Tknika (Spagna) - Training Agency;

  • The Association for Lifelong Learning (Romania) – Association;

  • Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico (Italia) – Research institute;

  • HTL Mödling (Austria) - School;

  • Walsall College (United Kingdom) – University college;

  • Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação(Portugal) – Research centre;

  • UAB "Globaliosidėjos"(Lithuania) - NGO;

  • FondatsiaKurazh(Bulgaria) - NGO;

  • Miðstöðsímenntunar á Suðurnesjum, (Iceland) - Training Agency;

  • National Technical University of Athens (Greece) - University.


  • Identification of best practice cases in partners’ countries, which highlight a direct involvement of
    employers in the design of labour market - oriented training paths;

  • creation of a model of curriculum development with a leading role of employers in the design
    phase and drafting guidelines for transfer and adaptation of the model to different national

  • testing of the new curriculum on VET students;

  • drafting recommendations addressed to relevant policy makers.


Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) – Leonardo da Vinci - Networks

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Project Status

Running: from January 2014 until December 2016