Il Lavoratore di Filiera


Il Lavoratore di Filiera

Target groups

Direct target group: employees and professionals of SMEs in the metalworking and mechanical
engineering supply chain.
Final target group: trainers and lifelong learning experts, professionals and project managers


The project aims at reducing obstacles to workers’ trans-national mobility across companies
belonging to the same value chain, by optimizing processes, jobs and competencies to prevent
individual unemployment and ultimately to increase flexibility and efficiency of SMEs belonging to
the same supply chain. The creation of an online process-based common platform (contents,
methodologies and modules), allows to renew the competencies supply and support a complex
integrated system made of several companies rather than a single enterprise.


Fòrema, Training agency, is the Lead partner of the project. Other partners are:

  • University of Padua (Italy) - Department of management and engineering;

  • Instituto de Empresa (Spain) – Research institute in the field of business administration;

  • Kazuist s.r.o (Czech Republic) – Consulting and information centre;

  • Netportal Italia srl (Italy) – IT company;

  • CnsConsulting (Italy) – IT company.


  • Transfer of the model “Resource Sharing” to identify opportunities for standardization and/or
    homogenization of processes and/or process phases with the objective of sharing resources
    and improving the overall efficiency of the whole supply chain;

  • transfer of the “Competency model” used to identify competencies possessed by workers and
    assess their performance levels;

  • developing an online multilingual platform which allows to overcome linguistic barriers among
    companies and to share information concerning products, processes and roles within the same
    supply chain.


Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) – Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation

Project Status

Completed: started in October 2008, ended in September 2010.