R@W – Restart@Work a strategic pattern for outplacement


R@W – Restart@Work a strategic pattern for outplacement

Target groups

Direct target groups: experts, managers, teachers and trainers, counselors, tutors active in the
field of higher, continuous, professional training and dealing with the labor market to reinforce
and innovate their operational capacity
Final target groups: people unemployed or at risk, young jobseekers, managers, training agencies,
local and regional public institutions, job agencies; employers' associations, trade unions, thematic experts, SME.


R@W aims at improving the career support pattern designed by Fòrema for career support
actions with its transfer from Italy to Spain, France, Bulgaria, and its re-transfer to Italy. Project
partners, training agencies, social parts, public authorities and companies enhance the model on
the basis of their competencies and pilot actions envisaged, and spread it at European level
establishing a new thematic network.


Fòrema, Training agency is the lead partner of the project. Other partners are:
University of Padua (Italy) – Department of Philosophy Sociology Education and Applied Psychology (FISPPA);

  • Provincia di Padova, Department of training and labour - Public body (Italy);

  • Confindustria Veneto SIAV (Italy) – training agency;

  • CISL Veneto (Italia) – labour union;

  • Cartotecnica Postumia (Italia) – private company;

  • University Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand (Francia) – University;

  • INDICO (spagna) – training agency;

  • AssistNet (Bulgaria) – training agency.


  • Transfer and adaptation of the initial model to the targets and to the national contexts of France Bulgaria and Spain;

  • joint development of the new model and re-transfer to Italy;

  • drafting of guidelines for further transfers and adaptation to different European contexts;

  • organization of training activities for 80 operators (career supporters);

  • 60 pilot actions to test the R@W model;

  • creation of a thematic network as a virtual community for learning and development.


Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) – Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation

Project Website


Project Status

Running: from October 2012 until September 2014